Super quiet container 550KW/688KVA power prime groupe electrogenes silent diesel generator

Short Description:

Product Name: Container Diesel Generator

Type: Standard diesel generator set

Warranty: 12 Months/1000 Hours

Control panel: Pointer type

Output Type: AC 3/Three Phase Output Type


Engine Data

Alternator Data

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Container type Description

★ Product Parameter

Warranty 3months-1year
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Brand Name Panda
Model Number XM-P792
Speed 1500
Product Name electric generator
Certificate ISO9001/CE
Type Waterproof
Warranty 12 Months/1000 Hours
Starting method Electrical Strat
Cooling method Water-cooling System
Power factor 0.8
Generator Type Household Power Silent Portable Diesel Generator
Color Customers' Requirement
Cushion Bowl or square rubber cushion

★ Product Feature

Container type 6

"Professional 220KW/275KVA Silent and Soundproof Diesel Generator Set Container Powered Low Noise Silent Generator Set" is a high-quality and reliable generator set. The power output is 220KW/275KVA, which can efficiently meet the power needs of various industrial and commercial applications.
One of its main features is its silent and soundproof design, which ensures minimal noise during operation. This makes it suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas, hospitals and schools.
Another notable feature is its container-style design for easy transportation and installation. Durable and weather-resistant container ensures generator safety and longevity even in harsh environments.

Equipped with a low-noise diesel engine, this generator set operates quietly without compromising performance. It provides stable power and is suitable for continuous use. The advanced technology used in this generator ensures fuel efficiency and reduces emissions, making it environmentally friendly.
Additionally, the generator set comes with a user-friendly control panel for easy operation and monitoring. Built-in safety features such as overload protection and automatic emergency shutdown ensure generator reliability and operator safety.
To sum up, "Professional 220KW/275KVA Silent and Soundproof Diesel Generator Set Container Powered Low Noise Silent Generator Set" is a top-notch generator set that integrates power, efficiency and low noise. It's an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, quiet power solution.

Container type 7

★ Package Type

Packing: All generators will be packed in polywood case.Making the generator more safe during the transportation. Shipping:All generators were transportated by sea Delivery: Usually, it will cost about 7 working days to finish the generators.


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  • Engine Specifications

    Diesel generator model 4DW91-29D
    Engine make FAWDE / FAW Diesel Engine
    Displacement 2,54l
    Cylinder bore/Stroke 90mm x 100mm
    Fuel system In-line fuel injection pump
    Fuel pump Electronic fuel pump
    Cylinders Four (4) cylinders, water cooled
    Engine output power at 1500rpm 21kW
    Turbocharged or normally aspirated Normally aspirated
    Cycle Four Stroke
    Combustion system Direct injection
    Compression ratio 17:1
    Fuel tank capacity 200l
    Fuel consumption 100% 6.3 l/h
    Fuel consumption 75% 4.7 l/h
    Fuel consumption 50% 3.2 l/h
    Fuel consumption 25% 1.6 l/h
    Oil type 15W40
    Oil capacity 8l
    Cooling method Radiator water-cooled
    Coolant capacity (engine only) 2.65l
    Starter 12v DC starter and charge alternator
    Governor system Electrical
    Engine speed 1500rpm
    Filters Replaceable fuel filter, oil filter and dry element air filter
    Battery Maintenance-free battery including rack and cables
    Silencer Exhaust silencer

    Alternator Specifications

    Alternator brand StromerPower
    Standby power output 22kVA
    Prime power output 20kVA
    Insulation class Class-H with circuit breaker protection
    Type Brushless
    Phase and connection Single phase, two wire
    Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) ✔️Included
    AVR model SX460
    Voltage regulation ± 1%
    Voltage 230v
    Rated frequency 50Hz
    Voltage regulate change ≤ ±10% UN
    Phase change rate ± 1%
    Power factor
    Protection class IP23 Standard | Screen protected | Drip-proof
    Stator 2/3 pitch
    Rotor Single bearing
    Excitation Self-exciting
    Regulation Self-regulating